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Many English speaking property investors bought apartments in Sunny Beach in 2004-2008. They were promised that the annual income from their apartments in Sunny Beach will be 10 % of the purchase price. The World financial crisis made the sale prices to drop rapidly down, the rental income too. Nowadays many UK investors offer their Sunny Beach apartments for sale.

The Russians are the main purchasers and property investors in Sunny Beach in 2010. They will be the main buyers of Sunny Beach apartments in 2011 too. Our Sunny Beach property lawyers are experienced with property deals with Russian purchasers. They executed many property transactions with apartments in Sunny Beach and we know that the deals with Russians have some peculiarities and specifics. The Russian buyer prefers first to see the apartment and then he decides whether to buy it or not. The first impression is very important for him. The Russian are allowed to transfer big sums through a bank only when they have a signed Preliminary contract for a sale of an apartment in Sunny Beach. Then the contract is show to his bank in Russia and the bank permits the money transfer to Bulgaria.

In such apartment sales to Russians, our property lawyers in Sunny Beach act as escrow guarantee. They guarantee that the seller will receive the sale price for his apartment in Sunny Beach and our Sunny Beach property lawyer guarantee that the buyer will get the new Title Deeds for the apartment. No legal risks with property transactions in Sunny Beach! Trust our good lawyers in Sunny Beach to be on your side!    


Our practice shows that some issues occur when an owner transfers a property in Sunny Beach. These are minor problems which don't affect the ownership right, but they should be fixed before the transfer in the Notary's office.

They are connected with some registrations which have to be made when an owner obtains the originals of the Deeds and they are not properly done when they should be. Here we outline some of they:

- According to the Bulstat Law each foreigner should have a Bulstat number after he obtains a real estate in Bulgaria.

- It could be missed the property to be registered into the Tax Department in Nessebar. All annual taxes should be paid before the transfer of the property in Sunny Beach.

- About 90 per cent of the purchasers don't register the property into the Cadastral Register in Burgas. They just don't know that this hsould be done.

All these issues should be fixed and all debts about the apartment should be paid before the deal. Otherwise the Notary will refuse to execute Sunny Beach property transfer. There are some documents which are issued by the above mentioned authorities based in the Title Deeds which are already issued.

Trust our experienced solicitors when you transfer your property in Sunny beach. We will solve any problem which concerns the sale in order the property transfer to be done in the smoothest way.


Executed deals by our property solicitors in Sunny Beach:

-         sale of an apartment in Fort Nox Sunny Beach

-         Diamant Resort St Vlas – Sunny Beach property solicitor transferred the apartment to a Russian buyer

-         Sunny Day 6 Sunny Beach – our property solicitor in Sunny Beach executed the Title Deeds on the name and on the behalf of the buyer

-         Sunny Day 1 Sunny Beach – heritage of an apartment: we executed the Title Deeds on the name of the inheritors of a join owner who passed away. 

Use our good property solicitors in Sunny Beach – they will help you to arrange your sale of an apartment in Bulgaria. Property lawyer services:


-         legal advice on your issue by a professional property solicitor

-         property transactions – deals between English sellers and Russian buyers

-         English speaking solicitor in Sunny Beach will gather all documents required by the seller of the apartment

-         A Sunny Beach property solicitor will represent the seller to sign the sale Title Deeds before Notary

-         Bulstat registration for an apartment in Sunny Beach

-         legal advice on Wills and inheritance questions by a good property solicitor

-         Drafting all paperwork for a sale of an apartment in Sunny Beach

-         Execution of Title Deeds for Sunny Beach apartments

-         Breach in Preliminary contracts

-         Lawyer participates into negotiations with Real Estate Agents in Sunny Beach

-         Registration & re-registration of a company in Bulgaria in Company Register


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