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Contact with our property lawyer in Pamporovo on info@bulgariapropertylaw.com. We will arrange your deal with a property from the beginning to the end. Trust us – the lawyers in Pamporovo guarantee that you will receive what you are paying for! Buy your apartment with no legal risk and with no risk from a fraud by the seller.

Pamporovo is a unique place for sport and tourism not only during the winter, when it is the active ski season, but also during the summer. Situated in the Rodopi mountain, close to Smolqn and Chepelare, the winter resort is surrounded by an unique nature and many tourist sightseeings – caves and ancient villages. All this makes Pamporovo Bulgaria attractive for foreign investors in properties. The pure fresh air, beautiful nature, peace and quite makes everyone who had visited the resort to come back. 

Our Pamporovo lawyers office provides legal service to the foreigners in the sphere of the Bulgarian property Law. Recommended lawyers in Pamporovo provide high quality legal help and advice. The aim is the property interests of our client to be defended at a maximum extend and his purchase of an apartment in Pamporovo to be successful. The dangers and the ambiguous terms are many – many developers bankrupted in a result of the financial crisis and bad management. Others can not pay the installments for the bank loans. Even the building looks fully completed outside, it is possible the complex not to have the necessary documents and the Using permission to be put into operation. And that is a legal risk for Pamporovo – you to buy and apartment and it not to be possible to use it and you to be disappointed.

Our Pamporovo lawyers check all ownership documents of the seller. The lawyers in Pamporovo check and report about the legal status of the building and the apartment which you had chosen to buy.


Bulgarian lawyers offer lawyer assistance in purchase of an apartment in Pamporovo. We advice the investors to follow the next basic steps when dealing with a property:

  1. Choice of a property in Pamporovo – apartment, house, agricultural land or regulated plot of land.
  2. Check of ownership documents for the property – you have to be sure, that the seller really has the right to sell the property to you
  3. To sign the Preliminary contract for the purchase of the property – The Preliminary contract stipulates:
    • who is the buyer and who is the seller
    • full description of the property – size, location, boundaries
    • the sale price of the apartment in Pamporovo
    • terms to pay the sale price
    • terms to sign the Title Deeds/Notary Act before a Notary in Bulgaria and to transfer the ownership right of the apartment
    • penalty payment and forfeits in case of non-execution of any of the parties who signed the Preliminary contract
  4. To check if there are any mortgage or other debts over the apartment and limits of the ownership right
  5. To sign the new ownership documents – Title Deeds/Notary Act before Pamporovo Notary

Lawyers in Pamporovo notify that the information which is displayed above can not be applied as a model to each deal with a property. Each purchase deal for an apartment in Pamporovo has its peculiarities, which have to be solved with respect to the available legal documents. Sometimes it is necessary to be executed additional legal actions by a lawyer in Pamporovo. Trust our experienced lawyers in Bulgaria to arrange your Pamporovo deal from the beginning to the end! We are on your side and we protect your interests!

Contact with a property lawyer in Pamporovo on info@bulgariapropertylaw.com. He will provide you with professional lawyer help and will find a solution on your property issue.


Contact with a lawyer in Bulgaria on info@bulgariapropertylaw.com to use our lawyer services in Pamporovo:

  • Pamporovo – advice by a good property lawyer in case of a sale of an apartment
  • Written report by a professional Bulgaria property lawyer in case of a purchase of an apartment
  • Draft a lawyer advice on your Bulgarian property issue
  • Draft of Preliminary contract for a sale of a property in Pamporovo, lawyer advice on already signed Preliminary contract for a purchase of a Pamporovo apartment
  • Lead negotiations with Real Estate Agent in Pamporovo, a property lawyer participates in leading negotiation for a purchase of an apartment in Pamporovo
  • Pamporovo – lawyer advice in arrangement and to receive the relevant documents when sale an apartment 
  • Full lawyer arrangement of a deal for a sale of an apartment in Pamporovo
  • Assistance by a good lawyer in a sale of a Pamporovo apartment
  • To draft a Power of Attorney to represent you in
  • Bulgarian lawyers represent Greek buyers before a Notary in Pamporovo, lawyer assistance when sign the Notary Act before a Notary
  • Safety in apartment deals in Pamporovo, prevent legal risks, professional lawyer help
  • Professional valuation of a property, advice about the purchase price and sale in Pamporovo
  • Draft a rental contract, arrange management contract, arrangement of all kind of lawyer documents
  • Lawyer advice and help in case of a breach of a Preliminary contract for a sale of a property
  • Registering into the Bulgarian property register after the purchase of an apartment in Pamporovo, registering into BULSTAT register, registering the property into Tax Department Pamporovo, payment of annual apartment taxes

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