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Title Deed in Bulgaria is the legal document which certifies who is the legal owner of the property. In case of a sale of a property, the seller should present to the Notary his Title Deeds. Based on them the Notary will execute the new Title Deeds which will certify the transaction of the property. 


Bulgarian Title Deeds certify:

  1. date of the execution – the day when the seller and the buyer signed the new Title Deed
  2.  Notary who executed, signed and stamped the Title Deed – his name, number into Bulgarian Notary Chamber and his region of action.
  3. who is the seller and who is the buyer – it is written their names, passport numbers, nationality, resident address
  4. full description of the property – location, sq.m., number of rooms, common shares
  5. sale price of the property – the amount of money paid by the buyer to the seller
  6. will of both parties – the will of the seller to sell and the will of the buyer to buy the property for the price written into the Title Deed
  7. the will of the Bulgarian Notary to execute the Title Deeds as per the Bulgarian Property Law
  8. list of documents which certify the ownership right of the seller, the location of the property, including the original Title Deed of the seller
  9. full names of the seller and the buyer, their signatures or the full names of their Attorneys and the signatures of the Attorneys
  10. signature and stamp of the Bulgarian Notary


Bulgaria Property Law provides full Notary service for execution of Title Deeds in Bulgaria. We operate throughout the country and will arrange the purchase or the sale process for you from the beginning to the end. Our property solicitors do that in the smoothest way for our clients with no time delays.


Bulgaria Property Law Title Deeds service executes:


- Title Deeds for Sofia properties

- Title Deeds for Bansko properties – Bansko apartments

- Title Deeds for Pamporovo properties

- Title Deeds for Sunny Beach apartments

- Title Deeds for Nessebar apartments

- Title Deeds for Golden Sands properties

- Title Deeds for Varna apartments

- Title Deeds for Kavarna properties


- Snejana Kolevichina - Notary Bansko, address: Razlog, 16A Ohrid Str.

- Krasi Manev - Notary Bansko, address: Razlog, 4 Bqla Reka Str.

- Mila Konovska - Notary Bansko, address: Razlog, Preobrajenie Square, floor 2, office 4-5

- Sashka Vitanova - Notary Bansko, address: Razlog, 7 Preobrajenie Square, floor 1

- Lilyana Mutafchieva - Kadeva - Bansko Notary, address: Razlog, 1 Kliment Ohridski Str., floor 1, apt. 1

- Natalia Mavrodieva - Bansko Notary, address: Razlog, 14 Bqla Reka Str.


- Andon Velikov - Pamporovo Notary, address: Chepelare, 12A Spartak Str., floor 2

- Nikolay Bachvarov - Notary Pamporovo, address: Chepelare, 12A Spartak Str., floor 2


- Linka Chutkina - Notary Sunny Beach, administrative building Sapfir, floor 2, office 5

- Maria Bakardjieva - Notary Nessebar, 23 Ivan Vazov Str.

- Stoyan Angelov - Nessebar Notary, 23 Ivan Vazov Str., floor 2

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