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Property Lawyer in Bulgaria is an attorney specialized in the area of property law. He works with purchasers, buyers and sellers of apartments, houses, plots of land, agricultural land, mortgages, bank loans, loan applications, tenants. We advise always to use a Property Lawyer services because the past two years a lot of problems occurred with the real estates properties in Bulgaria. Before it was believed that the Real Estate Agent was enough to assist you. But the Bulgarian property lawyer is the attorney who will be useful in practically all cases, including any legal stops in Bulgaria, contract negotiations and mortgages. Some of the purchase contracts are standardized, others have ambiguous terms and in that case you need a property lawyer who is profound into the Bulgarian property legislation.

Our professional property lawyers guide and assist the customer through the whole purchase or sale procedure. Our Bulgarian lawyers, even they are real estate company’s lawyers guarantee and makes you sure that the transaction is legal, and the seller or the buyer understand each legal action. Unlike the real estate agents, our property lawyers in Bulgaria are paid fixed fees based on hours worked and they have no profit of the sale and have no hidden interest. That’s why trust the Bulgarian lawyers working for BulgariaPropertyLaw to give you an independent valuable legal advice. We are on your side and we work for your business success in Bulgaria!    

Bulgaria Property Lawyer Services

-Drafting property lawyer statements and advice on specific issues in relation to property investments and development

- Due diligence of the property legal status

- Participation in negotiations and mediation on a particular property deal in Bulgaria

- Drafting preliminary and final contracts for purchase and sale of properties

- Representation before governmental and municipal bodies, legal entities and individuals during property investments, management and sale-purchase

- Company set up in Bulgaria, drafting company’s documents, representation before Company register

- Execution of Title Deeds before Notary, Power of Attorneys, preparation of civil status declarations

- Drafting property rental contracts

The Bulgarian Property Lawyers at BulgariaPropertyLaw protect your Real Estate and fight for your property success. Just trust us to be on your side!

Are you buying or selling a property in Bulgaria? Are you planning to lease a commercial property? Make sure you understand all the terms before you sign the Preliminary contract for the sale of a property. Our property attorneys can help you evaluate the legal risk of sale. If you are a first-time buyer or seller in Bulgaria, the property lawyers in BulgariaPropertyLaw will care of the little details you might not be aware of. Trust us to make the property acquisition process in the smoothest way for you from the beginning to the end!

For immediate Property Law consultation and service in Bulgaria call our Property Lawyers Office at: +359 885 040 808

Property Attorney in Bulgaria

Tell us about your property problem by emailing to info@bulgariapropertylaw.com and our Property lawyers in Bulgaria will advise you on the best legal possible solution for your property problem.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients involved in disputes affecting a property in Bulgaria. Since real property is often the most valuable asset belonging to an individual or a business, the stakes are high in such disputes and you need competent, practiced attorneys on your side.

Our Independent Bulgarian Property Lawyers have provided successful legal assistance to both sellers and buyers in resolving disputes over failed property transactions, represented plaintiffs in actions of trespass, encroachment, and damage to a property, represented plaintiffs in adverse possession claims.

Our Property Law Company provides complex property consultancy service in the process of acquisition of real estates, as well as legal help on renting and sale of properties in Bulgaria.

Contact us for Free Property Law consultancy by calling us at: +359 885 040 808 or filling our Property Law consultation form on the left. Our lawyers will contact you back with immediate advice and steps to be taken.

The major objective of our practicing Property lawyers is to protect the property interests of our company's clients with full devotion and service to the clients' needs at any time. So if you need a well educated and experienced Property Lawyer in Bulgaria, we are the right answer for you.

Contact BulgariaPropertyLaw.com at +359 885 040 808. Email us at: info@bulgariapropertylaw.com for free initial legal advice by our expert property lawyers.

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Immediate Assistanship Phone: +359 885 040 808

Office Phone: +359 885 040 808

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