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Commercial Law in Bulgaria is called also Business Law. It is the part of the Bulgarian Law which arranges business and commercial transactions. The Bulgarian Commercial Law is a branch of the Civil Law and contains Bulgarian Private Law and Bulgarian Public Law.

Bulgarian Commercial Law is applied for each company which is doing business in Bulgaria. Our Commercial lawyers apply the law not in a shaped model, but according to the requirements of your company. Commercial lawyers at BulgariaPropertyLaw have individual approach to each business plan. They take specific legal actions to find the most efficient solution for your company case and to protect your business interests.

Just call on 00359 885 040808 or E-mail to info@bulgariapropertylaw.com to get a FREE initial advice by a Bulgarian Commercial solicitor!

Sometimes is a vital for your business to perform actions in a short period of time. That’s way the commercial solicitors working for BulgariaPropertyLaw operate throughout the country. They are ready to meet you at the place where your business meeting is going to be in order to defend your commercial interests in Bulgaria. Trust us to protect your company and to assist you into achieving your commercial aims. We will valuate the commercial risk and our professional lawyer will give the right commercial law advice to you.

Most of our Commercial Law team had worked in companies, so our commercial lawyers are experienced and well prepared for what a company management requires from a solicitor.

Our Bulgarian Commercial lawyer team covers a wide range of Law, as well as: commercial transactions in Bulgaria, Competition Law, company registration terms, company reports terms, commercial accounting.

We believe that nowadays successful commercial business requires fast actions, and that’s why our commercial attorneys are ready to provide immediate and appropriate legal advice on your commercial issues in Bulgaria.

Our Commercial lawyers provide insightful and strategic professional commercial legal advice that will benefit your business in Bulgaria!


  • mergers and commercial acquisition
  • public and private capital raisings
  • acting for commercial investors and companies in Bulgaria
  • management of companies operating in Bulgaria
  • commercial and contract agreements
  • corporate governance
  • court procedures and commercial legislation
  • property sales and purchases on the Bulgarian property market
  • arrangement, drafting and negotiation of the purchase terms and conditions
  • commercial and retail leasing
  • summer and winter resort development in Bulgaria


Commercial lawyer team informs that all foreigners who had set up companies in Bulgaria should renew their registration into the Bulgarian Company register till the end of 2010.

Choose our Bulgarian commercial department to do this for you! All will be done through I-net and it is not necessary to come in person to Bulgaria.

If this is not done till the end of 2010, the company will be terminated. That will cause many problems for investors who had bought properties in Bulgaria through a company. It will not be possible to do legal transactions of the properties.

Use our commercial solicitors to make your company re-registration in Bulgaria! Call on 00359 885 040808 or E-mail to info@bulgariapropertylaw.com.

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